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CRAZY HEART                                                           BELOW
The horse and the shadow
That follows the sun's path                            SILENT ARMS OF
Makes way to the heart of the land              The WILDERNESS
Out to his home
Where the buffalo roam
I'm learning about the man                           DARK SPIRIT'S
He tracks the thunder of                               
Galloping hoof's and tails                               INDIAN MAN              And rides upon the sandstone heights       
Where his soul set's sail
His river flows                                                  A PICTURE'S
And so he goes                                               worth a Thousand
Dipping in his stream                                       words
When thoughts are low
And tears might flow                                       ORION
He sits there and he dreams
His crazy heart he keeps inside                    THE HOME THAT
He hides it pretty well                                     you love.
He takes to the heights
On his fox tailed flights                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY
As his rivers swirl and swell                              Baby
In the dusty plains                                               FOR HIM
His nature gains Peace and tranquility
But his crazy heart
Get’s torn apart
More than he can see
 I may not know his crazy heart
But I know the man
His song's I feel
Which are quite real
Get swallowed by the sand
If he knew
Just what to do
To build that bridge in time
He would bury the old
And savor the new
Purging his artistic rhymes
But he rides the shadow up the hill
Across the sandstone trails
I catch a glimpse of him
His sandy hair flowing
And the horse with the black tail
Elusive in his western time
Mountains of his means
One day I know
I'll touch his heart
And learn what his real soul dreams
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You met me in the strangest way
with your songs of day and night
You brought out my desires
was it love or was it flight
you taped into emotion that
had hidden safe for years
you came on strong, just way too
it born again my fears
You wanted my loving and intimacy too
to capture your heart
And know what to do
But it was the love, the love that was true
That you looked for right now
But still misconstrued
The pilot it fly’s you and opens its wings
To glass flying people who unsuspect things
And life in its mystery
with love on the wings
It brings you a bird’s view of all the right things
The things that you worked for the things that you bought
Your couldn’t get through it, the feeling it caught
You know all life’s mysteries
Of unhappy things, and dark flying people
Dark spirit's it brings
I don’t feel the passion, I don’t feel the love
I don’t feel the fire
You box with that glove
You’re up on the bandstand of life’s quirky day
You know love was given, and taken away
You rode in the night
Not honestly so
You never stepped outside
to life famous glow
It’s all in the mystery that you long to know
Of light spirit people, your dark spirit shows
 She rode on the light
she showed you so well
you stole all her thoughts
and drove her to hell
your caught in the mire
of lessons you learned
you killed love and passion
will she ever return
for dark spirits call you
for dark spirits bring
creation of sadness
and unnatural things
where life has a mystery
with love on the wings
her love has no ending
it’s life that it brings
the dark spirits happen
your lessons they learned
and stay in your head
so your spirit gets burned
but love’s on the wings
it’s feeling they churn
when the dark spirits leave you
the white light returns
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A picture's worth a thousand words

Your blond curls and those eyes that shine
If I could see once more
The face the eyes the lips the smile
It’s what I’m hoping for
A picture’s worth a thousand words
If only I could see
The face that made me laugh and smile
That’s left in memory
It all was there in that fleeting glance
The one when I met you
The one that made us fall in love
The one that was so true

I’m sorry that I had to leave
I did all that I can
But life it was so different then
It wasn’t in life’s plan
 Your everlasting memory
Is in my heart right now
I still can feel the love we had
It’s left with me somehow

I would love to see your picture then
And your smile once more
Those blond curls that I loved so much
The face that I adored  (DLR)

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Orion’s star is shining bright
He makes it in the forward night
To rite the plan of slaves untold
He merely rides the cross of gold

To heavens go the lad of life
In harrows word his soul to strife
He moved around the starboard life
To his accomplishments a wife

He drew the thundering lips of pearls
To men and country songs of girls
His message states grey head of curls
Americas land and flag unfurls

Mountainous hills and valley score
To the soldiers life confederates wore
A slave of statute he was no more
So he left the untoward shore

To Mark and men, to god and peace
His writing in his soul deceived
He changed his name
His life relieved
The word today you read believed

He channeled you upon the river
The story told he will deliver
All his glory as in the past
He sighs relief
It’s his at last.

You banish all the play of words
The humor placed in stoic thoughts
He writes in tongues of gold and wit
He watches as his spirit sits
Upon her soul and Eastern star
Orion in the night so far

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Happy Birthday Baby
Happy Birthday Baby
You sure are looking fine
Happy Birthday baby
You sure are looking fine
Just a year has passed now
Since you fired up my mind 
You’ve grown a year not older
But a year of looking good
You traveled round the world babe
and you sure are looking good
those years have suit you well babe
And on you.. I knew they would
Happy Birthday Baby
Your hair is shining gold
Oh Happy Birthday Baby
Your looks have got me sold
You’re number one in my Book
Whoever made you broke the mold
Happy Birthday Baby
I'd say more if I could
Oh Happy Birthday Baby
I'd say more if I could
So I’m writing you a new song
Although the old one’s understood
Happy Birthday baby
You’re cake is shining bright
Happy Birthday baby
Hope your day is going right
I just came here to say now
Happy Birthday New Year’s night


He was a jack, a jack of spades
He was a jack, a jack of trades

She was a queen a queen of spades
She was a queen a queen of denial

He was a boy of anger and lies
He was a boy who withered and died

She was a girl of unhappy times
She was a child of nursery rhymes

He was a lad who kept to himself
Who laid under the stars and would dream

She was a young girl to flatter and grace
She was a young girl to please

He was a man who married his wife
He was a man who planned for his life

She was a woman who had her own way
She was a woman who never would stay

He rode the night with thoughts burning hell
He practiced his ride it drove him to tell

She was a queen of unhappy things, but where
Happiness came, a good spirit she brings

He was a man confused in his mind
He was a man who loved her so

She was a woman who needed this life
And he said he would never let go

When night sends my thoughts ramping out against justice my soul is sorrowful
what have I done in the light of the everlasting flaming ball of life
in others opinion, in my opinion.... to suffer this
 does she know the thoughts that occupy my existence
when night is day and day is night when life is heavy and too much to bear

Do I send thoughts to the one consciousness
will she speak to me about prolonging life
or about leaving my mark
will she know I was here, will she give back to those who will follow
having me live on forever
will she talk to me even after I am gone

She has so many times, but was I paying attention
she gave so much, I give so much back
words, the paper, the talent, the outreaching of minds and souls
I am here for much longer so that I will set the mark, not be forgotten
I will be in her heart as she watches and weeps and gives me strength
but it's her smile now that I know
and the confidence in me she had instinctively, never a doubt
clear across the land..... I hear her now.

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The tips of Mountains, Its peaks they scale
With clouds that tell no lies
The silent tree with its arms done weeping
Point gently at the sky
The wandering river from Peregrine Point
And roads that turn to dust
Runs soft and gently through the mountains
To lands that they could trust
My home it owns me, it purchased my soul
In the back drop of mountains and glens
Round the trails through pines and foliage
Along the paths that turn and bend
My rustic ranch with many windows
My picturesque delight
Where I choose to lay my weary head
in night or bright sunlight
The horse, deer and buffalo,
fuel my passion for this place
The one that most delights my senses
That on my heart can trace
But I must leave now, although I’m saddened
It served me well it seems
I store it safely and follow my passion
It’s tucked forever in my dreams
My passion rides now, to bright obsessions
That in my mind won’t fail
So I ride the dreams of childhood wishes
On the horse with the black tail
The crack of lightening and rainbow colors
Bent brightly to touch the land
Fire Rowe sunsets with azure skies
Paint the nature of my plan
The Tepee covered in fresh white snow
As a deer it wanders by
The raging river, the baron trees
And eagles flying high
The elk that visit in the morning sunlight
To help me with my plan
The buffalo thunder and hoofs of horses
And the spirit of an Indian man
I’ll always love this homeland of mine
Its beauty touched my soul
And when I leave here, it will still be with me
In my heart it will never grow old
It’s my stepping stone
My soul’s delight
It’s all been a part of me
I can’t separate this land from my heart
As far as I can see
When the day arrives I’ll buy some time
I know a tear will fall
For the land I love in my heart forever
To the land I loved most of all.
In the silent arms of the wilderness
I know I must leave it behind
But I’ll never forget this land that’s still with me
It will always be home in my mind.
Copyright  Material

copyright material


The ridge up the hill from your window sill
Its flavor is sweet all the time
As you travel through time with the sun so sublime
Its home that’s still here on your mind
The river is near and the sights are quite clear
Of the passions that thrilled you through time
Shall be lost without you
For this land is quite true
What’s always still here on your mind
The spirit of winds
As the hair on your chin
Will still grace you as it whispers your thoughts
On the smoky high ridge
The horse follows the bridge
Where the fight of your lifetime was fought
All the sacred high land
And the home that you love
Its memory carved deep in your soul
As the snow’s falling down
We all gather around
But the end leaves you feeling so cold
From the mountains high ridge
To the rivers soft tumble
To a day that shines gloriously bright
To your horse’s last ride
He stays right by your side
To your ending
New Mexico’s flight.

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The mountains pink with sand and caverns
A place where spirits go
Your brightness present, of life imagined
The days they used to know
The land of people, where it called you
That red and peaceful day
The waters flow here
The life it grew here
The place you call home today
They were a people, who life’s simple pleasures
Made happiness quite clear
They roamed the mountains and open lands
A place that you hold dear
They lived their passion, sweet and gentile
Until they couldn’t stay
Where life’s intrusions took their hearts
And stole their land away
The spirit realm the rainbows shadow
The stately old medicine man
The whispering winds
And smoke filled mountains
Showed all that spirit’s can
The songs of earth the children sang
It’s wonderment they filled
Along the banks of raging rivers
And sky’s of darkness still
Your mind it reached out
It met me head on
In a dream that helped me find
Wandering spirits, and happy endings
Its meaning touched my mind
You held on to me, I never knew it
Like a whispering whippoorwill
What gives me passion and life’s true meaning
And love to happen still
Through smoke filled powwows
And natures passion
And lightening bright with sign
Wondering too, where I have come from
And what your mind might find
As you know me, you try the knowledge
To test its epic truth
You ask the spirits why this happened
Just why I came to you
You stare out of your window
Overlooking your river and mountainous delight
The animal show and the buffalo
Where day turns into night
The songs of spirits send out your thoughts
Clear across the lands
My minds great passion and spirit gifts
Are sent back to this Indian man
You Are Everything

You are everything that has meant life to me, my love                                               
The earth and the stars cannot be as beautiful as what I see deep in your soul.     
The love in your eyes burns brighter than the sun                                                      The waters that flow on this earth are not as deep as your love for me, nor I you.
What did I ever do to deserve this, what can I ever do to sustain it.  You are everything that has meant life to me.   It’s love that spells your name .                                                                                    

 all copy written material, cannot be reproduced without the express consent of Olivia  Lee Skye Productions owner.

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